How will you enter the world of Franka Emika robotics?

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The robotic automation tool for industry and beyond. Franka Production 3 is the industry certified system that easily turns process expertise into robotic automation – thanks to straightforward operation and powerfully intuitive interfaces. Plug-and-use setup, simple connectivity and easy programming via modular App building blocks help you pay back your investment and scale it as fast as possible.


The platform of choice for cutting edge AI & Robotics research.Franka Research 3 empowers researchers with a unique combination of market leading physical interaction features, powerful control interfaces*, unmatched data transparency, ease of use for a quick time to delivering results, and the largest and most active community of the world’s most innovative robotics researchers.

Easily turn your process expertise into robotics automation.

Franka Production 3 is immediately ready for installation and commissioning in your industrial environment. Low space requirements, uncomplicated plug-and-use installation and various interfaces for peripheral devices makes it the perfect tool to effectively automate your tasks, from high volume to batch size 1.

Applications and solutions

Turn your process expertise into robotic automation: whether you are new to robots or have been automating your production processes for years, with Franka Production 3 you will experience process automation in a whole new way – fast, straightforward and intuitive like never before.


Franka Production 3´s robot system includes the Arm and its Control. The force sensitive and agile Arm features 7 DOF with torque sensors at each joint, industrial-grade pose repeatability of +/- 0.1mm and negligible path deviation even at high velocities. It comes with a payload of 3 kg, a reach of 855 mm and a workspace coverage of 94.5 %.

Basic Apps

Automation of processes made easy. The Basic Apps lower your barrier to entry to process automation, getting you started quickly and independently. Break down the task into steps, setup motions, exchange signals and handle errors. The bundle is inclusive of everything you need for picking and placing, handling and much more.

Franka Hand

The Hand is Franka Emika´s 2-finger gripper with exchangeable fingertips, fully integrated with the software of Franka Production 3, therefore plug-and-use. The fingertips can easily be changed and adapted to the objects to be grasped, e.g. by using 3D-printed fingertips.

Designed for a wide range of applications.

Franka Production 3 can be used effectively for large-scale production as well as for small-scale automation down to batch size 1. Such versatility requires both process stability and flexibility, from setting up new workcells to adapting existing tasks. And torque sensors in all joints of the robot arm allow for sensitive manipulation and force-enabled manufacturing processes, which require precision as well as application of fine-tuned forces and delicate handling.
Machine Tending
  • Machine loading
  • Press loading
  • Machining
  • CNC machining
Quality inspection
  • PCB Testing
  • PCBA Testing
  • Endurance test of battery compartment
  • Touchscreen Testing
  • Screwing
  • Assembly
  • Electronics Assembly
  • RAM insertion
  • Palletizing
  • N.I.S.T. Board
  • Assembly
  • Packaging
Dispensing and Soldering
  • Gluing
  • Soldering
  • Polishing
Beyond industry: disruptive applications and business cases
  • Corona Swab Testing
  • Robot Bar
  • Workshop 4.0 Fashion week
  • Raclette Robot

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