Vision Research

Vision Research is a pioneering company dedicated to developing high-speed digital imaging solutions, renowned for their industry-leading Phantom cameras that capture stunning slow-motion footage, catering to diverse applications across scientific research, industrial analysis, and cinematography.

Franka Emika

Franka Emika is a robotics firm known for its collaborative and adaptable robots like the Panda, designed for diverse industries with a focus on user friendliness and safety.


Qualisys is a top provider of high-precision motion capture systems used in sports, healthcare, research, and more, offering advanced optical cameras and software for accurate movement analysis and performance enhancement.


Xsens is a leading company in motion capture technology, known for its precise inertial motion capture solutions used across industries like animation, gaming, and sports science.


Aldebaran is a leading company that developed humanoid robots like NAO and Pepper, renowned for their advanced interactive abilities in speech recognition and social interaction.


Quorum Technologies specializes in high-quality scientific instruments, focusing on electron microscopy and sample preparation systems used in research and industry for nanotechnology and materials science.


AMETEK EDAX specializes in precise materials analysis solutions, offering advanced XRF spectrometers and electron microscopy systems for accurate elemental analysis across diverse industries.

Micro to Nano

Micro to Nano is a company specialised in innovative, practical and useful microscopy supplies for electron microscopy and scanning probe microscopy techniques.


KUKA is one of the world’s leading suppliers of intelligent robotics, plant and systems engineering and is driving digitization in industry.

Proto XRD

Proto XRD refers to portable X-ray diffraction devices used for quick, on-site analysis of crystalline structures in materials, benefiting fields like geology, pharmaceuticals, and materials science for rapid identification and analysis.


Blueye Robotics creates cutting-edge underwater drones (ROVs) for easy and advanced exploration of underwater environments, widely used in marine research, inspection, and exploration.


Ultimaker is a top producer of user-friendly and reliable desktop 3D printers used across industries for precise prototyping, manufacturing, and educational purposes.

Force Dimension

Force Dimension designs and manufactures haptic devices for applications in research, medical, industry, robotics, aerospace and entertainment.


We develop and manufacture a small quadcopter called the Crazyflie. We also develop and maintain a supporting infrastructure with various clients, expansion decks, debuggers, development environments and tools to enable the end users to modify the Crazyflie in any way they want.

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