Vision Research specializes in manufacturing digital high-speed cameras tailored for a multitude of industries, including scientific research, military, aerospace, automotive, entertainment, and more. Our cameras are the go-to choice for professionals seeking to capture high-speed events with precision and detail.


In scientific research,  Phantom cameras aid in unraveling the mysteries of rapid chemical reactions, biomechanics, and materials science. Military and aerospace sectors rely on the unparalleled capabilities of Phantom cameras for ballistics testing, aircraft analysis, and defense research. Additionally, in the automotive industry, Phantom cameras play a pivotal role in crash tests, performance analysis, and engineering advancements.


With unmatched frame rates, exceptional resolution, and specialized features, Vision Research Phantom cameras excel in capturing the unseen. From fluid dynamics and biomedical studies to entertainment industry applications such as movie special effects, our cameras empower professionals to uncover details previously unseen by the naked eye. 


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The Phantom TMX series of cameras is the next evolution of ultrahigh-speed imaging. Designed with a revolutionary back side illuminated, custom CMOS sensor it delivers clear, high quality images at speeds not previously possible. 

4K & Media Production

Phantom 4K and Media Production cameras deliver unparalleled imaging at high speeds and resolutions. Whether a production team needs a 4K camera with a 9.4 megapixel sensor or the world's fastest 4 Mpx camera available the Phantom image quality remains. Options such as on-board controls, and SDI video output and 10Gb Ethernet equal and easy to use system with reliable data management.


Phantom T-Series combines increased resolutions, throughput and workflow features to expand the possibilities of high-speed imaging. Whether working with research & development applications or studying long range defense events the power of a custom sensor designed to deliver quality imaging is undeniable. 


The Phantom VEO camera series was designed to work well in nearly any application.  The rugged body construction and custom sensor deliver the superior imaging quality that Phantom cameras are known for.  These cameras can be found in science laboratories, outdoor areas, and on film production sets.

Miro C and N

The Phantom Miro C and N series cameras are designed to fit into spaces that a standard camera can't reach.  Lightweight bodies, on-board data protection, and rugged construction make them popular in automotive, microscopy, and destructive testing environments. 

Machine Vision

Capture the power of Phantom High Speed imaging in machine vision streaming applications. Image data flows directly to a frame grabber and PC or long record DVR via CXP protocol.

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