Movella MVN Starter Motion Capture System

MVN Awinda Starter


The best value, easy-to-integrate wireless motion capture system



MVN Awinda Starter is the most affordable Xsens quality mocap hardware


To capture inertial body movement, our MVN Awinda models use 17 wireless sensors, fitted on the body with adjustable straps. This supports fast, easy, and reliable motion capture. Its portability also makes it ideal for group and education settings.



close up of arms showing awinda sensors attached



  • Robust and accurate
  • Use anywhere – no lab required
  • Live stream with ease
  • Magnetic immunity
  • Fast set-up time
  • Low latency
  • Affordable


Don’t let the name fool you


Asset 24_1x


Can be worn over normal clothes.




Calibrated data


Maximum range of 25 m.



Virtual YouTuber, or VTuber

Frame rate

Maximum of 60 Hz frame rate.




Update rate Up to 60 Hz

Wireless range 25 m
Battery life 6 hr
Wireless communication Radio protocol (Awinda protocol)
Wireless datalink Dongle antenna
Clothing Full body strap set (including 3 Awinda shirts in size S, L & XL)
Charging USB cables for Awinda sensors, plus a 6-port USB charger
Latency 30 ms
On-body buffering 30 sec
Sensors 17 wireless sensors
Hardware synchronization Third party – e.g. EMG sensors, force plate; optional with additional Awinda station
Casing Neoprene shell case
Finger tracking Full compatibility with Xsens Metagloves by Manus, Xsens gloves by Manus, Manus Prime II, and Stretchsense gloves

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