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Since its foundation in 1967, PROTO X-Ray Diffraction has been developing cutting-edge instrumentation for the characterization of materials. Their product line includes various x-ray diffraction (XRD) instruments: residual stress and retained austenite measurement systems, powder diffractometers, Laue single-crystal orientation systems, and high-resolution diffractometers.

In addition, we supply x-ray tubes and custom equipment to meet customers’ unique needs. For over 30 years, Proto have been providing effective measurement systems for laboratory, factory, and field environments.

Proto trained specialists also offer measurement services in their American and Canadian laboratory locations, which are ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited.

PROTO X-Ray Diffraction

XRD Residual Stress

Laboratory, portable, and ultra-portable residual stess and retained austenite measurement systems.

PROTO X-Ray Diffraction

Powder Diffraction

Multipurpose powder diffraction systems including bench-top, compact, and full-sized units.

PROTO X-Ray Diffraction

High-Resolution XRD

Superior high-resolution x-ray diffractometers for characterizing thin films and single-crystal materials.

PROTO X-Ray Diffraction

Laue Single Crystal

Customizable crystal orientation systems for production and R&D.

PROTO X-Ray Diffraction

Custom XRD

Custom system solutions with the speed, accuracy, and reliability that are the hallmark of our standard models.

PROTO X-Ray Diffraction

MetalJet Integration

High-end systems for advanced applications such as phase-contrast imaging and micro-CT.

PROTO X-Ray Diffraction

X-Ray Tubes

A wide selection of off-the-shelf or custom x-ray tubes produced at Proto’s own x-ray tube facility.

PROTO X-Ray Diffraction


Integrating custom automation solutions into your laboratory, test facility, or production line.

PROTO X-Ray Diffraction

Sample Prep/ Accessories

Products and accessories to support your XRD measurements.