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Quorum are Market Leaders In Electron Microscopy Coating, Critical Point Drying & Cryogenic Preparation

Quorum Technologies is a prominent global provider of scientific instrumentation, specializing in the design, manufacture, and distribution of high-quality electron microscopy sample preparation and coating systems. Renowned for their innovative solutions, Quorum Technologies caters to a diverse range of scientific fields, including materials science, life sciences, electronics, and more.

Their product portfolio encompasses cutting-edge technologies such as sputter coaters, critical point dryers, and carbon coaters, crucial for enhancing the quality and analysis of samples in electron microscopy. With a commitment to precision, reliability, and user-friendly operation, Quorum Technologies continues to advance research and development efforts across various industries by delivering robust and efficient scientific instruments.

Cryo-SEM Preparation Systems

Quorum Scientific Instrumentation’s market-leading PP3010 cryo -SEM preparation system is the latest in cryo-SEM technology and combines the highest quality results with unparalleled ease of use. The PP3010 is a highly automated, column-mounted, gas-cooled cryo-SEM preparation and cryo transfer system suitable for most makes and models of W-SEM, FE-SEM and FIB/SEM.

Cryo preparation techniques for cryo-SEM and FIB/SEM are essential for the observation of biological, wet or beam sensitive specimens. Using cryo-SEM electron microscopy removes the need for conventional preparation methods, such as chemical fixation and critical point drying, and allows observation of specimens in their natural hydrated state.

Quorum Scientific Instrumentation SEM Preparation System
Quorum Scientific Instrumentation Sputter Coater

Sputter Coaters & SEM/TEM Carbon Coaters

Sputter coating is the standard method for preparing non-conducting or poorly conducting specimens prior to observation in a scanning electron microscope (SEM). Quorum Scientific Instrumentation offer low-cost, rotary-pumped sputter coaters for depositing non-oxidising metals – such as gold (Au) and platinum (Pt) – and turbomolecular-pumped coaters, suitable for both oxidising and non-oxidising metals, such as chromium (Cr).

Large chamber sputter coaters are available for specimens up to 200 mm in diameter. Most Quorum coaters can also be configured for carbon evaporation using easy-change carbon rod and carbon fibre inserts.

Glow Discharge for TEM & Surface Modification

The GloQube® Plus, from Quorum Scientific Instrumentation, is a cost-effective, compact and easy to use glow discharge system, designed to fulfil the needs of laboratories with TEM. The primary application of the GloQube® Plus is to modify the surface of TEM grids in a way that it meets requirements for successful imaging of a variety of macromolecules.

Integrated into one system, the two chambers enable the user maximum flexibility to choose which sample preparation technique they want to use: glow discharge in-air or in-chemical vapour, without downtime for cleaning or the risk of contamination and loss of samples.

Quorum Scientific Instrumentation GloCube Discharge System
Quorum Scientific Instrumentation Critical Point Dryer

Critical Point Dryers

Quorum Scientific Instrumentation make a range of Critical Point Dryers to meet the needs of electron microscopy (EM) and other applications. Critical Point Drying is an established method of dehydrating biological tissue prior to examination in a scanning electron microscope (SEM).

We also offer a range of products to support the laboratory workflow for sample preparation. If you were unable to see what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us and one of our applications support team will be available to guide you.